HUNT VALLEY, MD (May 14, 2024) – Fidelity Building Services Group (Fidelity BSG), one of the nation’s largest independent providers of HVAC/mechanical services and energy solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Compressor Energy Services (CES), a New England based energy consulting and project implementation firm specializing in compressed air energy efficiencies.

As part of Fidelity BSG’s rapidly expanding Energy & Sustainability Group, CES will become an integral part of their turnkey energy offerings to a national portfolio of industrial, manufacturing, and research & development clients. With over 30 years of experience in the compressed air systems industry, CES specializes in optimizing the efficiency of compressed air systems in large industrial facilities. From steam assessment services to AIrAnalytics™, CES provides turnkey design and implementation services, offering unique professional solutions that match customers’ specific needs with utility requirements.

“We enthusiastically welcome CES and their high performing Team Members to the Fidelity Family,” says Dave Lanphar, LEED AP, CEO/Partner of Fidelity BSG. “Energy savings as it relates to compressed air is often overlooked. Our goal is to help our clients increase efficiencies and achieve rapid paybacks.”

“We are delighted to join Fidelity BSG’s Energy & Sustainability Group,” says Jeffery Wright, President of Compressor Energy Services. “Fidelity’s commitment to their customers and visionary approach to commercial and industrial building solutions makes this an ideal partnership. We look forward to the future and to growing with Fidelity BSG.”

CES’s team of compressed air engineers and specialists bring over three decades of experience, have conducted over 2,000 assessments, and have worked closely with over 25 different utility companies to secure over $30 million in utility incentives for projects that streamline the manufacturing process. CES’s drive to create energy savings aligns with Fidelity’s commitments to reducing energy costs and consumption, supplementing the services currently offered by the Energy & Sustainability group.

About Fidelity Building Services Group

Fidelity Building Services Group (Fidelity BSG) is one of the nation’s largest independent providers of HVAC/mechanical services and energy solutions. Our product and service offerings include HVAC/Mechanical Services, Energy & Sustainability Solutions, Advanced Building Automation, and Emergency Power Systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Fidelity BSG leaders are some of the most highly regarded individuals in the service, construction, and engineering communities. Collectively, we share a commitment to advancing the cause of building energy efficiencies, sustainable energy solutions, and service excellence.

In 1945, Fidelity BSG was founded as a full-service mechanical engineering, contracting, and service company that introduced air conditioning, refrigeration, and process cooling to a new marketplace. The advent of air conditioning went on to revolutionize the entire building industry, and Fidelity BSG has been on the leading edge ever since. Today, through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, the Fidelity BSG geographic footprint has grown beyond the Mid-Atlantic, extending throughout the United States. We have over 2,600 Team Members, more than 70 locations serving 30 states, and over 75 years of excellence delivering Proactive, World-Class Service.

About Compressor Energy Services

Compressor Energy Services (CES), A Fidelity Company, has over 30 years in the compressed air systems industry, specializing in optimizing the efficiency of the supply and demand side of compressed air systems in large industrial facilities. CES maintains a longstanding commitment to offering unique professional solutions, providing turnkey design and implementation services and guaranteed energy savings that result in a typical return on investment of 65%, resulting in simple paybacks of less than two years.

CES has the ability to look at compressed air solutions through a variety of different lenses, including system efficiency, end uses of compressed air, heat recovery, and core process optimization.